We're In The Basement - Single

by The Croissants

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Chris Sabatoni - Guitar/Vocals
Hans White - Bass
Heather Crocker - Drums

RELEASED BY: Hella Mad Records (2014)
RECORDED/MIXED/MASTERED BY: Ted Angel (Hypnotone - 2013)

"The idea of leaving the audience wanting more taken to the extreme: there’s more runoff groove than content on this one, what with less than ninety seconds of the title track and two sub-minute burners on Side B. Not a bad strategy, all told, as I’m curious to see where the band goes from here: buzzsaw three-chord punk pop with distinctly Dan Vapid-ish vox cutting through the din."
-Razorcake Magazine

"This record is dumb. This record makes me wish I was on drugs...any drugs...just give them to me, you fucking fuck. the CROISSANTS play simple fucking punk that owes everything to the RAMONES, but still sounds fresh and exciting. The lyrics are simple and short. They sing about hanging out in the basement, hanging out in the psych ward and...uh...something else...I don't know. The lyrics are "Too killer / Holy fuck / Too killer / What?" Seriously. It's cool."
-Maximum Rocknroll

"The song that's impressed me so much is the Ramones worshipping, bass driven We're In The Basement. An outsider anthem, they don't hang out with your crowd, they don't even leave the house. It's not reinventing the wheel but it's bloody effective and leaves you wanting more. Play Loud......."
-just some punk songs

"From Sacramento, CA comes an ode to that underground part of the house that could easily be grabbed onto as an anthem in a number of places, nowhere more so than our very own Boston, MA (a place where a cast of thousands is hanging in the basement right now). I thought people didn’t have basements in California?? Whether they do or they don’t, doesn’t really matter. Just put on “We’re In The Basement”, and it’s all good. At the intersection of grunge and some heavy garage rocking is where this track exists (I think that’s MUDHONEY Sq.?). A real lurch rocker. Two months back HELLA MAD RECORDS put out a 7″ for THE CROISSANTS known as WE’RE IN THE BASEMENT. The 7″ contains three tracks of driving, fuzzy punk-pop. The trio switches up the tempo, and when they do their RAMONES shows a little, but I mean, THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. BLAM! This single kicks, and I bet it has everybody happily falling all over each in Sacramento, and wherever else they visit. Hey (THE) CROISSANTS! Hit us up if you make it across that whole middle section America.....I like this record."
-Boston Hassle


released February 15, 2014



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The Croissants Sacramento, California

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